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Black Magick

Series Starter Dennis Wheatley - special offerThe Black Magick Starter Series is now available to pre-order for  special price.  It contains The Devil Rides Out, Strange Conflict and The Haunting of Toby Jugg…

These three novels illustrate Dennis Wheatley’s flexibility in writing his Black Magic stories. The Devil Rides Out was his first novel in this genre, and is considered a classic. Much of the action takes place in England, and the villain of the piece, Mocata, is based on Aleister Crowley, who DW interviewed during his research.

Strange Conflict is rather different, being written in the Blitz, and has an emphasis on the astral plane and on survival after death. In it the heroes from the first book travel to Haiti to seek an end to the War – and again one of the characters, Dr Saturday, is based on a real life occultist – Rollo Ahmed.

The third novel in the sequence, The Haunting of Toby Jugg, is completely different- being set in only one place, and mostly only one room. Dennis Wheatley nevertheless considered it one of the finest novels he ever wrote, and the inspiration for the story was a real life school.

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