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The Duke De Richleau series

Follow Dennis Wheatley’s aristocratic adventurer as he spies for the British in WWI, rescues friends from the Soviet Union and battles Nazi occultists in Haiti.

The entire series is available as a single collection for a special price.

THE FORBIDDEN TERRITORY   Devil Rides Out - dennis wheatley   THE GOLDEN SPANIARD   THREE INQUISITIVE PEOPLE by Dennis Wheatley   Strange Conflict - dennis wheatley   CODEWORD GOLDEN FLEECE by Dennis Wheatley   THE SECOND SEAL   THE PRISONER IN THE MASK by Dennis Wheatley   VENDETTA IN SPAIN   DANGEROUS INHERITANCE by Dennis Wheatley   GATEWAY TO HELL   THE DUKE OF RICHLEAU SERIES by Dennis Wheatley

The Forbidden Territory, 1933

The Devil Rides Out, 1934

The Golden Spaniard, 1938

Three Inquisitive People, 1940

Strange Conflict, 1941

Codeword – Golden Fleece, 1946

The Second Seal, 1950

The Prisoner in the Mask, 1957

Vendetta in Spain, 1961

Dangerous Inheritance, 1965

Gateway to Hell, 1970

“The prince of thriller writers”

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