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The Gregory Sallust series

Dennis Wheatley’s complete, bestselling Gregory Sallust series featuring the debonair spy Gregory Sallust, a forerunner to Ian Fleming’s James Bond. During WWII, Dennis Wheatley was hired by Winston Churchill to be a part of a highly confidential group of strategists. He was one of the only civilians to be recruited, on the strength that he had shown a flair for deception and cover stories in his novels, particularly through his incarnation of Gregory Sallust – widely regarded as the inspiration for Ian Fleming’s James Bond.

The entire collection of Gregory Sallust books are available as a single collection for a special low price.

BLACK AUGUST   CONTRABAND   THE SCARLET IMPOSTOR   FAKED PASSPORTS by Dennis Wheatley   THE BLACK BARONESS by Dennis Wheatley   V FOR VENGEANCE by Dennis Wheatley   COME INTO MY PARLOUR by Dennis Wheatley   THE ISLAND WHERE TIME STANDS STILL by Dennis Wheatley   TRAITORS' GATE by Dennis Wheatley - a Gregory Sallust story   THE WHITE WITCH OF THE SOUTH SEAS by Dennis Wheatley. A Gregory Sallust story   THE GREGORY SALLUST SERIES by Dennis Wheatley

Black August, 1934

Contraband, 1936

The Scarlet Impostor, 1940

Faked Passports, 1940

The Black Baroness, 1940

V for Vengeance, 1942

Come into My Parlour, 1946

The Island Where Time Stands Still, 1954

Traitors’ Gate, 1958

They Used Dark Forces, 1964

The White Witch of the South Seas, 1968

“The prince of thriller writers”

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