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Other Adventure / Espionage novels

SUCH POWER IS DANGEROUS by Dennis Wheatley   THE FABULOUS VALLEY by Dennis Wheatley // The fantastic story of an estranged family, brought together by the death of the so called "uncle John" to attend to the reading out of his will.   THE EUNUCH OF STAMBOUL by Dennis Wheatley // Moral young Englishman, Swithin Destime, to avoid an international incident, had resigned from the Army; within weeks he was in Istanbul to check on rumours of a planned uprising.   THE SECRET WAR - by Dennis Wheatley // "This is a very extraordinary book... a first-rate thriller." - The Tablet As Mussolini's troops invade Abyssinia the international situation deteriorates, and the armaments kings look forward greedily to even fatter profits. No one, it seems, can halt the carnage.   CURTAIN OF FEAR by Dennis Wheatley - Nov´k, a British-born professor of Czech parentage, was a peace-loving man of high, if misguided, ideals. He planned to spend a quiet week-end in London. There, he was unexpectedly called on to make an appalling decision. Having made it he became the helpless plaything of Fate. This is the story of his battle for his beliefs, for his life, and for that of the platinum blonde, Fedora, who got him into all his troubles.   MAYHEM IN GREECE by Dennis Wheatley   THE STRANGE STORY OF LINDA LEE by Dennis Wheatley // When Linda boarded the train that would take her to London and freedom, she was penniless and alone. A polite offer of help from the stranger in the seat opposite was the last thing she expected.

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