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Codeword Golden Fleece

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Publisher: Bloomsbury Reader
Pages: 383

When the Second World War opened, the Duke de Richleau and his friends Simon Aron, Rex van Ryn and Richard Eaton? The indomitable four? were in Poland. How did they come to be there and find themselves, even before the outbreak of hostilities, involved in conspiracy?
Scenes of intrigue, violence and escape in Warsaw are exceeded only by those which follow in Bucharest? whence the friends are carried in a desperate attempt to sabotage Hitler’s war economy, and force Germany to ask for peace before their full-blown assault on Western Europe.

In 1963, Arrow Books began including this statement in all works of this title: It can now be revealed that the plot of Codeword? Golden Fleece is based on fact. Actually, it was given to Dennis Wheatley when he was a member of the Joint Planning Staff of the War Cabinet by a Foreign Office colleague there. On behalf of the Allied governments a French nobleman did actually succeed in acquiring a controlling interest in the Danube oil barges and their tugs. The Germans failed with the Vichy government in an action for its return and half the Fleet had been got out to Turkish waters. Supplies of fuel for the Luftwaffe were seriously crippled by this ingenious secret stroke.


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