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The Duke De Richleau Starter Set

Read the first three novels in Dennis Wheatley’s thrilling Duke De Richleau series including The Prisoner in the MaskVendetta in Spain and The Second SealIf you’ve not yet read Dennis Wheatley, or wish to revisit three of his best known books, this series starter provides the perfect introduction to the complete Duke De Richleau Series of eleven titles.

In The Prisoner in the Mask we hear of a French aristocrat renouncing his country and live in exile. The answer lies in the Paris of the 1890s; a world of superficial glamour but, under the surface, deep social and political strife. The army, discredited by the Dreyfus case, was being purged. The young de Richleau, cadet and then instructor at the military academy of St. Cyr, became involved in a conspiracy – to restore the French monarchy – with the Duc de Vendome being secretly coached in his future role of King. What happens if the conspiracy is betrayed? For some: death. For de Richleau, the life of a fugitive who has declared a single-handed vendetta against the government.

Vendetta in Spain takes place in Spain, 1906. The Duke de Richleau has not yet succeeded his father, and is still the Count de Quesnoy. Anarchism permeates every country in Europe, and not a night passes without groups of fanatics meeting in cellars to plan attempts with knives, pistols or bombs against the representatives of law and order.A bomb outrage gives de Quesnoy ample cause to vow vengeance on the assassins. His attempt to penetrate anarchist circles in Barcelona nearly costs him his life. In San Sebastian, Granada and Cadiz he hunts and is hunted by them in a ruthless vendetta.

The Second Seal takes place in the Spring of 1914. At a masked ball, the Duke de Richleau has an intriguing meeting with a beautiful woman – an incident that was to lead to a series of desperate adventures with a Serbian; a secret; a terrorist society; then as a British secret agent at the Austrian Supreme Headquarters. The capers culminate in the Battle of the Marne ? the operation that shattered Germany’s chance of victory.Through the violence, intrigue and hair’s-breadth escapes, there runs alongside the story of a great love.





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