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Faked Passports

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Publisher: Bloomsbury Reader
Pages: 422

‘Before there was James Bond, there was Gregory Sallust.’ Tina Rosenberg,

Faked Passports is the third in Dennis Wheatley’s bestselling Gregory Sallust series featuring the debonair spy Gregory Sallust, a forerunner to Ian Fleming’s James Bond.

When British Agent Gregory Sallust’s escape plane is shot down, he is stranded and wanted in Nazi Germany.

The first port of call for the brazen Sallust is to rescue the newly captured Erika von Epp, certain to be in the hands of Nazi torturers, by talking his way into the private sanctum of Hermann Goering.

In this robust and hair-raising tale of adventure, Sallust takes on a number of disguises to get himself into, and out of, nail-bitingly dangerous situations in order to triumph and hopefully to win the heart of von Epp.

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